This month’s feature colour was WHITE, and boy was it a challenge for me!  I started the month with an extensive list of ‘white’ things I could potentially incorporate into my images, but ultimately I decided to try and find ways to showcase ‘white’ as the primary character in the shot…or at the very least a strong supporting element.  In the end, I didn’t end up with as many images as I wanted, but here’s what I have and it’ll have to do 🙂

I encourage you to follow along the blog circle and see how other’s took on this month’s challenge, starting with Nina Mingioni‘s amazing travels in Kazakhstan.

Once again, click HERE to follow along to Nina’s blog!

2 Responses to The Color Collaborative: September

  1. Jill Cassara says:

    Wow, gorgeous range of white tones! <3

  2. Heather Chang says:

    awesome as always. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the paper dolls. So good.

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