Okay…..I’m officially a super fan of the color ORANGE! Opposite on the color wheel from my favourite color blue, I absolutely love how these two colours pair together.  I also adore how this project is allowing me to creatively explore use of light and haze to capture the beauty of fall.  I hope you enjoy this series and that you follow along the blog circle to see how some of my talented friends and colleagues captured this month’s theme.  Next up in the circle is Nina Mingioni.

Once again, here’s the link to Nina’s blog.

2 Responses to The Color Collaborative: October

  1. Jill Cassara says:

    Gorgeous orange and blue combinations! Amazing texture in the fire and your girl with her dog is the sweetest!! <3

  2. NinaZM says:

    these are so fun! fireside shots are my favorite – such a wonderful combination of warm orange and cool blues!

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