I can’t believe it’s already the end of June!!!!  What a crazy busy month!  With all the kids’ school wrap-up activities, I didn’t get a chance to shoot as much as I like for this project, but in the end I was able to schedule a quick mini session.

This month’s color YELLOW is cheerful, happy and uplifting, which paired perfectly with my daughter’s silly, goofy, quirky personality in this series of images.  I hope they bring a smile to your face!

Please follow along the blog circle, by heading over to the wonderfully talented Dani Vest’s blog.

Once again, you can link to Dani’s work here.

7 Responses to The Color Collaborative: June

  1. Jill Cassara says:

    Love her sparkling personality and beautiful smile! Those heart glasses and the yellow are a perfect pairing!

  2. Sarah Roemer Davis says:

    Such a great photo shoot! Polka dots paired with bright yellow and an adorable subject. What could be better! 🙂

  3. LOVE! What a great little series with her! She is getting so big! And love her sunny personality!

  4. kara says:

    the yellow wall does pair perfectly with her spunk. love that personality!! and i just adore the navy blue and polka dots with the yellow–such a fun match.

  5. Erica Collins says:

    OMG, these are so precious!!! I love how we can sit a bit of her personality in each one!!

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