This month’s feature is my absolute favourite colour!

It’s the colour of bright sunny skies, beautifully cool and refreshing water, and my favourite pair of pants…really, what’s not to love about BLUE???  I love capturing blue in my images throughout the year, but this month was especially fun.  I feel the blue featured in these shots really helps convey a feeling of carefree summer fun.  I hope you enjoy my take on this fun hue, and that you follow along the blog circle starting with the amazing Sarah Davis, and see how she interpreted this month’s challenge.

Once again, please head on over to Sarah’s blog!

6 Responses to The Color Collaborative: July

  1. Jill Cassara says:

    Wow, beautiful collection of blues, Jennifer!! Awesome compositions and variety!!

  2. Heather says:

    As usual, I freaking love every picture! so good. I seriously think we are like photog soul sisters. I am so connected to every shot you take. Seriously. Love your comps as always. Blue ice cream is the best. And the pool shot with boys with diving arms and blue boards behind them, juxtaposed with the girl in pink. WHAT!??! Pure genius.

  3. Erica Collins says:

    I love how you ended the series…melting blue cone. Perfect. It definitely made me chuckle. Fantastic series, Jennifer!

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