Happy New Year!!!!  I know I’ve been MIA from blogging the past several months, but I’m excited to get back at it, and get caught up on editing and sharing my images….starting with my most favourite photography project, ‘The Color Collaborative’.

Our year long journey into exploring colour is nearing an end (only 2 months to go).  This month my collegues and I are focusing our efforts on the fabulous PURPLE!  This was a fun challenge for me, because it’s my daughter’s most favourite colour.  I loved capturing her in her element, doing things she loves, and surrounded by her favourite shade.

Please follow along the blog circle to see how my amazingly talented friends have captured this month’s purple challenge, starting with the lovely Dani Vest!

And while it’s trickier to capture purple images with my son (he doesn’t love the shade as much as his sister), I was able to find a shot of him from back when we were in Hawaii in the fall, where he is showcasing purple perfectly!

Once again, you can follow along the blog circle HERE.

2 Responses to The Color Collaborative: January

  1. Jill Cassara says:

    Wow, such luxurious purple tones! She wears her favorite color so well!

  2. NinaZM says:

    such gorgeous purples! the first one with the flair is my favorite – wonderful perspective!

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