This month’s blog circle challenge was to capture SILVER in our images.  I must admit, at first I was at a loss.  Silver didn’t feel to me to fit with my standard vision of the vibrant colours I’m often drawn to in my work.  But, as the month went on, I fell in LOVE with the magical feeling silver conveys in images.  The shimmer and shine it creates, and it’s ability to reflect light, adds something special to an image.  I hope you enjoy my month of SILVER, and I invite you to follow along the blog circle to see how others interpreted this amazing colour.

Next up is my great friend Heather Chang.  She is not only an amazing person, but her photography work inspires me on a daily basis.  To view Heather’s images, click HERE.

Once again, to follow along the blog circle, please head on over to Heather Chang’s page.

5 Responses to The Color Collaborative: April

  1. Dani says:

    What a fun, creative idea to shoot into the trampoline! Love all of them Jennifer!

  2. kara says:

    i love the variety, jennifer. i was surprised how much silver i found too. the shimmer in the trampoline images is amazing. so glad that this project has allowed me to discover your work.

  3. NinaZM says:

    i love your silver images, Jennifer! very, very creative to shoot through the trampoline. the one with the robot mask is my favorite – very boy!

  4. seriously!? so amazing!! Those shoes, I die from the cuteness! Love the sparkle! I love the slide images and also the shimmery effect on the trampoline. So creative! My favorite set is the last few of her by that wall. The light and reflections and textures are divine. You are my photography soul sistah. <3

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