What I love most about the art of photography is its ability to make you fall in love with it over and over again.  This week, I fell hard!  While exploring my fourth and final homework assignment for my Natural Light Class with Brooke Snow (learn more about this class here), I practiced shots that I have never tried before (star-bursts, silhouettes, and creative white balance).  I had SO much fun trying new things, and I love the results!  Not only am I happy with the final shots (so much so that I couldn’t narrow it down to just one….sorry Sarah and Brooke ;-)), but this week pushed my creativity and opened my mind to all sorts of new photographic ideas.  I can hardly wait to get out again this week and build on my renewed love of natural light!

I can’t help but share a little bit of back-story behind these two shots.  In the top photo, I woke up to see the start of a beautiful sunrise…so immediately rounded up the kids, threw on some clothes and rushed out of the house to a nearby open field (we were up and out in under 10 minutes….this is HUGE for us).  While I was extremely pleased with how the light and backdrop were shaping up…my two little angels were less thrilled about another photo shoot (especially one before breakfast).  In the end, while I’m extremely pleased that I was able to capture a beautiful sunburst, I’m also grateful that my little angels’ faces are in silhouette….this way nobody can see their extremely uncooperative and grumpy faces!  I might have to use this approach more often ;-).  As far as post processing goes on this shot, I kept it minimal.  I tend to prefer images that look natural (especially when the sunrise was so beautiful already).  So, other than warming up the image a tad, I left it more or less alone.

In the bottom photo, I wanted to capture my daughter on her favorite playground toy…the swing.  I took the shot from underneath her while she was swinging in the air, so that her silhouette would stand out against the sky.  The shot was taken at dusk, but with this image I did play with creative white balance and shot using the Tungsten setting.  I like how it made the color of the sky ‘pop’ bright blue.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Brooke Snow, Sarah Allred, and my fellow classmates for sharing their knowledge and passion with me the past four weeks.   Through you, my love and appreciation for this art continues to grow.




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  1. Lucky says:

    So beautiful sky,beautiful pictures!!very like~~