For those of you following my blog, you’ll know that I’m taking some time this fall to push myself as an artist, and continue to enhance my skills in photography.  You can read more about the course I’m taking here.  This blog post captures my third week’s homework assignment.

For this week’s homework, we were asked to photograph our subjects using contrasting light.  Let me just say…I LOVED this assignment!!!  I spent the week actively taking notice of my surroundings and paying attention to where contrast was present.  I had a tough time narrowing down which photo to post this week, but in the end decided to share this image of my daughter reading a book on my bed.  Our master bedroom is painted a dark charcoal grey (eg. a light absorber), but we have a fairly large window beside the bed, and light colored bedding which helped to reflect light back onto her face.  In taking this photograph, I paid particular attention to framing the image using the footboard of the bed to create a dark band at the bottom, in an effort to draw the eye to the center of the image.  I also chose to ignore the rule of thirds.  I didn’t want to crop too much out of the image because I think that having the bed and the pillows in the image provide context and add to the overall mood.  Finally, I chose to convert this image to black and white because I feel that it creates more drama.  Having said this, I’ve also posted the color version for comparison.  I’m interested in hearing how others think about color vs. black & white.


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