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365 days ago, I set off on a journey to capture images of my life on a daily basis.  I did this because I wanted to grow as an artist.  I wanted to push myself to ‘see’ things differently, become a more confident and capable photographer, and capture priceless memories along the way.  Today I celebrate, not only the welcoming of a new year, but the successful completion of this personal goal.  I did it!  I shot a picture EVERY DAY of 2013, and shared my favourites here with all of you.

As I look back on the last 365 days (and the 365+ images),  I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but more importantly, I am grateful.  I had many supporters along the way, including an amazing group of fellow photographers who were doing similar personal projects this year.  Together, we encouraged each other, pushed each other, celebrated successes, and picked each other up when we inevitably hit ‘ruts’ along our way.  It was an amazing experience sharing this journey with all of you talented individuals, and I thank you so much for inspiring me on a daily basis.

Most importantly though, I would not have been able to achieve this goal without the incredibly selfless support of my family.  It wasn’t easy for them to put up with having the camera around all the time, but they did…for me.  They encouraged me to keep going, even on the couple of occasions when I wanted to quit.  For this I will always be grateful.  Thank you Keith, Ashton and Lauren for being my foundation.  I dedicate this project to you!  xxoo.


Another busy week filled with birthday celebrations, Christmas preparations, and and injury thrown in for good measure!  I threw a couple extra shots into this post…because as I near the end of this 365 daily project, I had a hard time narrowing down my images. 🙂



The holiday season has arrived!  It’s my absolute favorite time of year, and last week we were busy welcoming it with a vengeance…including starting a new tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree!  We were fortunate to have lucked out weather wise, and headed to the mountains to find our tree before the deep freeze hit Calgary.  Now we can enjoy our pretty tree while all cozy and snug inside.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of our holiday traditions (both new and old) in the coming weeks, as my 365 project draws to an end.  Stay tuned!

Well, once again I got a little behind in editing my daily photos.  But, as they say, better late then never!  Here’s a look back at our last couple of weeks.

P.S. I have not built an igloo bed in my son’s room (although he would absolutely LOVE it if I did)!  We took a quick trip to West Edmonton Mall and stayed overnight in the Arctic Room at the Fantasy Land Hotel.

In traditional Calgary fashion, we welcomed snow back into our lives as we prepared for one of our kids’ most favorite holidays….Halloween!  Fortunately, we lucked out on the 31st and the trick-or-treaters stayed nice and warm!