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His versus hers….the same 5 minutes.



It only takes 5 minutes….to capture a moment that will last a lifetime.  Introducing her first “self portrait”.

At first, I captured a glimpse of my little girl playing in my closet with her doll, but within a few minutes it turned into something magical when I moved around the room and captured some delicious back-light through a borrowed lens from a friend.

The simplicity and quiet wonder as she played with her doll will forever be etched in my heart.  xxoo.

At the end of February, we joined our great friends on a multi-family ski trip to Fairmont, BC.  We had an absolute blast and loved every moment of it!  Here’s a glimpse at what our life looked like on the hill when taking a quick rest from the slopes.

I am WAY behind in editing and posting, but on the upside, I am still managing to keep up with my 2014 goal of shooting a weekly 5 minute glimpse into my family life.  This was shot the third week into my project and captures my son captivated by his first comic book!

Last week, we managed to get out to the mountains skiing twice (insert my squeals of delight here)!  While her brother is off tearing down the hill on the chairlift runs, our littlest skier loves learning on the bunny hill at Nakiska.  Especially because it includes a fun play area at the bottom!  During one of her many breaks throughout the day, she made friends with a stuffed snake…and I sat back behind my lens and happily snapped away.  Here’s a peek at 5 minutes in the life of our new skier.



After taking time off in January from shooting, editing and posting, I’m excited to get started on my new 2014 personal photography project!  While I won’t be doing another 365 this year, I am excited to continue documenting my family in a new way; one that will continue to challenge my abilities and creativity as a photographer.  I will be shooting a weekly project aimed at capturing a glimpse into our lives in 5 minutes or less.  I will be sharing my weekly images here, on my blog.  Some weeks I may post a single image, and other weeks I might share several.  It will depend on the situation, and what I’m able to capture in 5 minutes.

Through this project, I will strive to become a quiet observer.  I will aim to ‘direct’ my kids less when photographing them, and instead capture their childhood moments in more of an authentic manner.    This will be a challenge for me, as I will have to let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies, but my hope is to find a comfortable balance in my personal photography.  One where I can capture the beauty and wonder of our daily lives, and then let go, put down the camera, and be present.

With that said, here is the first week of my journey.  I shot these from behind the couch while she was playing with her brother.  She caught me!