With my kids back into the swing of things (pre-school, swimming lessons, soccer etc.), I decided it’s the perfect time to re-focus on my own education, and enhancing my skills in an area of passion for me….photography!  While, over the years, I’ve taken various photography courses, both in University as well as through SAIT’s continuing education program, I’m a strong believer in the importance of continuing to push oneself in new directions and try new things.  As an artist, this is how we grow!

Over the past few months, I’ve been following the work of a photographer named Brooke Snow.  I love her enthusiasm, her passion for sharing her knowledge with others, and her very practical ‘real life’ advice.  So, when she started offering a new online class solely dedicated to Natural Light, I jumped at the chance to learn from her!  Over the next four weeks, I will be using this blog to post my homework assignments for this class.  I’m excited to get started and to share my journey! Stay tuned….





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