I saved the best for last!  Before we ring in the New Year, I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite photo shoots of 2012.

As I look back on my photography journey over the past 12 months, there is so much that I have learned both technically and artistically; but one of my biggest discoveries has been my LOVE of ‘Lifestyle’ Photography.  Lifestyle, is a style of photography where the goal is to capture authentic, true emotions and interactions between subjects.  Often, the best place to capture these real life moments is in real life settings (eg. at home in your kitchen, at the playground around the corner, in your messy family room).  A lifestyle photo shoot is NOT about wearing the perfect outfit and selecting the perfect backdrop, but instead it strives to capture all the amazing imperfections that make real life….perfect.

This year, I applied this style when shooting my own family, but was absolutely thrilled when a close friend of mine asked me to shoot her family in a similar manner.  I was lucky enough to spend a morning with this fantastic family (as well as their Nana and Papa) as they spent time together playing games, constructing marble towers, drinking coffee and just being themselves!  Here are some of the shots from our session together:



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