After taking last year off from shooting daily, I’m excited to be kicking off another 365 project this year.  I love the challenge of pushing my boundaries as a photographer, and creating a treasured family collection of our lives together.  With that said, here I go again….week 1!


7 Responses to 2015 Project 365: Week 1

  1. Linda Conley says:

    Great start, Jen! Love the colors! Subject matter can’t be beat either!

  2. Lee Weatherill says:

    Great to have you share your wonderful daily pictures. I agree with Linda…great subjects!

  3. Brian Weatherill says:

    very nice pictures. I look forward to the weekly series starting again this year.

  4. Brian Conley says:

    Great work – will be nice to see some great photography of friends & family while we are away.


  5. Lynda Browning says:

    Wonderful photography, Jen! Keep up the fine work! Love the colors, focus and subjects. What adorable children! Thanks for sharing your creativeness.

  6. Pat Conley says:

    Hey Jen – These great pictures will be your prized possessions in years to come. Keep up the good work

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