behind the camera

i'm lucky enough to have met and married my first love.  together, we have two wonderful children who challenge me and make me laugh every day.  it's because of them i'm fortunate enough to be pursuing my passion for photography.

i fell in love with photography in university when i took my first darkroom photography class as an option (yes, i'm refering to the good ol' days when we all used film).  since that first class, i became fascinated by the process of capturing a picture and processing it to portray the feeling behind the image.  after having kids of my own, my love for photographing children and families has grown.  as a parent, i hope to always remember the little things; the real moments of my children, and our life as a family.  from the anticipation of meeting a new little life, to the curled locks tucked behind my daughter's tiny ears, to the smirk of my preschooler trying to get himself out of trouble.  i don't ever want to forget these things!  

as a custom portrait photographer, my goal is to capture real, honest, pure moments of those i'm photographing.  i aim to get to know my clients on a personal level.  i play with your kids, i tease dads, i help mom fix her hair...all in an effort to help everyone relax and be themselves in front of the camera. 

thanks for visiting my website; and if your are interested in having your life captured, contact me here.  i'd love to hear from you!


jennifer conley is a custom portrait photographer, utilizing primarily natural light.  jennifer serves calgary, airdrie, cochrane and surrounding areas.